Wendy Dotson, CNM, Founding Partner & Midwifery Director

Wendy Dotson is one of the founding partners of LCM.  Wendy has many years of experience with midwifery and nursing in birth centers, homes and hospital settings since 1981. She earned a BSN from George Mason University, and a Masters in Nursing from State University of New York-Stony Brook. She has been a contributing writer in national midwifery publications and nursing texts. Other professional interests include teaching, legislation, natural remedies, and homeopathy. Wendy is a volunteer with non-profit Midwives for Haiti, and travels regularly to train Haitian midwives. In 2016, Wendy started a new job in Richmond  working to bring midwifery options to more women.  She still sees her gyn patients on Friday mornings in Lansdowne.  Wendy is married and has two grown sons.