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LCM's Process for Transfer

It’s a Common Phone Call at LCM:

“I started care at a different office…then I took a childbirth class, read some books, saw some films….now I know what kind of birth I want, and I don’t think my current provider will support me ….I want to transfer and have midwife care.”

Sometimes the patient’s doctor is even the one to suggest the switch, if they realize that their style of care, or the hospital policies where they work, and the patient’s wishes are not compatible. LCM accepts transfer patients who meet medical criteria and whose wishes are compatible with our program of care.

It is a big step to change OB providers “mid-stream”. We try to be very careful in this process, as we want it to be the right fit, and be able to help you find what you’re looking for– whether it is us, or not. Please understand that we have a process that must be followed, and our staff can’t do this in one spontaneous phone call.

The first step is to speak with our midwife, Melinda, who will conduct a transfer consult over the phone with you. Melinda offers these consults to our moms, free of charge on Thursdays. The purpose of the phone consult is to allow our midwife to go over your health history, any past pregnancies and your current pregnancy. She will also discuss our practice policies for transfer, discuss the difference between the Natural Birth Center and The Birthing Inn, and determine if you are a good candidate for transfer to our practice.

Talk with your Current Provider

First, please talk candidly with your current provider to see if you can work together to achieve the type of birth you are seeking. It’s a big step to switch care providers in the middle of pregnancy, and should be a last-resort decision. LCM does not solicit or try to divert business from our colleagues. We realize, however, that the woman’s wishes must come first.

Read through our Website

We can only accept patients who meet our medical criteria and agree to our practice guidelines. Please read our LCM website information as it is very important that you understand and are comfortable with our guidelines. If you have any doubts, we may not be a good match for you, and we may be able to suggest alternatives.

See our Midwife Canidate Checklist

This is a quick assessment that will help determine whether our midwife model of care is what you are seeking, and whether your health status may be appropriate for nurse-midwifery care.  It’s a good sign if you check at least 10 of the 12.

Make an Appointment to Discuss Transfer

Please call our office to speak with our receptionists about making an appointment with Melinda to discuss transfer. Our front desk receptionists will be happy to assist you in this process.

Obtain Previous Records

Complete prenatal records from the other providers, including physical, pap, labs, and sonograms are essential to complete your transfer. They should arrive at 5 business days prior to your first appointment, so that we can prepare your chart so that our midwives can review your records prior to your first appointment with us.

Print out the Authorization for Release of Medical Information form, fill out, and fax to your provider. Please call LCM and make sure they have sent your records to us, prior to your first appointment.

*Transfer patients will not be seen by our practice without complete medical records arriving at our office prior to your appointment. Patients who do not supply their medical records in the timeline required will have to reschedule their first appointment with our office until records arrive. There are no exceptions to this policy.*

Health Assessments

BMI, or “Body Mass Index” is one tool for health assessment of weight in relation to height. Muscle mass, heredity, diet, exercise, and many other factors play into the concept of “healthy weight”.  At Loudoun Community Midwives, we use BMI as a screening tool for health.  Obesity carries risks to general health, and in pregnancy in particular, including  associations with diabetes, high blood pressure, C/section and infection. Women with BMI’s over 40 are considered high risk during pregnancy, and we refer those women into the care of a physician.  Women who are between 35 and 40 BMI can be considered on a case-by-case basis, but may not deliver in the Natural Birth Center.