The Midwife Philosophy

The Midwife philosophy focuses on pregnancy, birth, and women’s cycles as normal and healthy processes. We discuss many aspects of a woman’s life: work, family, diet, exercise, habits, spirituality, and emotions. Midwives do not perform surgery or handle complicated cases, but instead take time to focus on promoting health. In labor, the midwife is involved for the entire process to support the woman and family, and to ensure that all is progressing normally. We are trained to handle complications if they arise, and to assist on Caesarean sections if necessary.

Certified Nurse-Midwife Care

With CNM care, a healthy woman is more likely to experience

  • Focus on normalcy of pregnancy and birth
  • Time devoted to questions, education and counseling
  • Greater participation in health care decisions
  • More breastfeeding knowledge and support
  • Less medical interventions in labor
  • Fewer Caesarean sections and episiotomies
  • Consistent, expert support throughout labor and delivery