A midwife is on-call 24/7: (833) 214-9763

We advise calling 911 for any and all medical emergencies, including heavy red vaginal bleeding in pregnancy, and other severe abnormal events.

When our office is open, please call the office nurse line (Option 4) for all non-emergency medical questions and issues, including labor. They know how to find us!

For our patients with urgent female health related problems after office hours, a Certified Nurse-Midwife is always available by pager. Our LCM phone system has an option that can forward your call to our paging service, or the Answering Service can be called directly at (833) 214-9763.  (If you are curious who will answer the page, see “Who Is On Call”.)

We answer pages promptly, so call back if you do not have a reply in 10-15 minutes. It is always recommended to call the midwife when:

  • The fetus is not moving normally in the third trimester
  • Red bleeding like a period occurs during pregnancy
  • Regular and uncomfortable contractions occur more than 1 month before your due date
  • You think your bag of waters is broken
  • You have headache with swelling, high blood pressure, and/or visual changes

For other after-hours questions and answers about female health and pregnancy issues, please also refer to LCM Pregnancy Instructions and to www.mymidwife.org.