Birth Stories

Tristan's Birth Story

An excerpt from Stephen Mackey’s Dream Build Believe 

“New Parents”

Right from the beginning, Shannon had committed herself to a natural childbirth, as she wanted to be aware of every sensation and wanted no risk of drug effects on the baby. After researching the various techniques and methods available, she settled on the Bradley Method of husband-coached natural childbirth and we registered for classes. I was incredibly excited about Tristan’s forthcoming birth, and wanted to be as much a part of it as I could. We chose a midwife delivery in a state-of-the-art birthing facility. Loudoun County has many of the finest healthcare professionals and facilities in the country, and we settled on the Birthing Inn, which hosted two telemetry rooms complete with large tubs and roaming vital monitoring.

The classes were held each Tuesday over an eight-week period. They began with some background into Dr. Bradley, his research and teachings, and how the methodology evolved. We learned about the various stages of labor, with the husbands being instructed on various techniques to reduce stress and pain as the labor intensified. As the course progressed, we began to get into more detailed and graphic descriptions and visuals. Not only were we being instructed on a textbook delivery, but also on the myriad of issues and dangers that can arise during any labor. Then came the videos. It was comical watching everyone’s reactions during the showing of the birth videos. Essentially, all the women were cooing and blubbering in their Kleenexes, and the men were all white as sheets, doing their best not to throw up.  

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Ashleigh Daniluk


When we found out we were pregnant we didn’t know who we wanted to go to for prenatal care. We met with an OB that told me that because all the women in my family had C-section births, I likely would too; I was 12 weeks pregnant and terrified. We met with the Midwives and they put my mind at ease, assuring me that I am my own person and a C-section was not a guarantee. All of the midwives provided outstanding care during my pregnancy, delivery and postpartum appointments. I now have three beautiful boys (none which required a C-section) and three wonderful birth experiences that I was happy to have with the Midwives.

Rizzo's Birth Story

Eileen Rizzo

All 3 of these turkeys were delivered by LCM! The girls were delivered by Paula and my son was delivered by Margie!! I had a C-section with my first due to fetal distress and Paula was amazing throughout! With lots of love and encouragement two years later I had a successful VBAC.  Four years later I called poor Paula at 4am on her day off to come in and catch my third baby, for which I also had a VBAC. In between the kids I also had a few losses.  Despite my sadness, I felt such love and compassion from everyone at the office, not just the midwives.  I loved seeing Cindy’s smiling face every time I walked in and Terri always shared my excitement when she did the sonograms and everything was going smoothly. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this practice! What an amazing bunch of women… each and every one of you!

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